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Artisan Craft Festival Kidz Biz - Kid Run Local Small Businesses

Kidz Biz, Incubating the Imaginations and Passions of Our Youth

The kids business program has been designed to help young entrepreneurs have the ability to create, build, and run their own business. Our kidz Biz program is for kids 18 years and younger. The program offers booth fees for kids businesses at $37 a day.

We firmly believe by helping our young kids in the community that it will help strengthen our community as a whole. We are here to help kids set goals and make a plan, introduce the concept of money management and work on customer service and communication skills.

Artisan Craft Festival will help guide young entrepreneurs and their parents on how to run and grow a business. The legal side of business can sometimes be overwhelming. We can provide resources and materials that makes this an easier task for the child and parents.

It is our hope to help the young entrepreneurs to bring out their imagination and passions. We have hands on real Business Opportunities that are available for all kid entrepreneurs.

We live in a time where the entrepreneurial spirit is accepted and praised. People are starting businesses all the time, and kids should not be excluded from that. There are so many business ideas that let kids express their imagination, wonder and skills.

“The Only Bad Idea Is The One Not Persued”

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Do you own a Kids Business and interested in a booth? Register for one of our events today for $37 a day!
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